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Litter number: 43
Kitten number: 175
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: unknown

came to 50K as an older buddy for Groundhog. They'd come from the same rural shelter and been sharing a common space at the Homeward Trails office. Groundhog was quite sick (with panleukopenia, as it turned out), but LB was a teflon kitten who never missed a beat. He was also a friendly, mellow, and great-looking brown tabby. We're not sure where his name came from, but mused that it must have stood for "lover boy" or "laid back", since LB was both.

We sent LB to another foster home with Groundhog, since we didn't want Groundhog to get lonely while adapting to what we expect to be his forever home. It shouldn't take a great older kitten like LB long to find his forever home as well.

Arrival date: 2/26/2012
Departure date: 3/15/2012