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Litter number: 44
Kitten number: 176
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: Ninety_Nine, April_Dancer, Galore, Bond, Ilya, Smiley

a gorgeous, medium-haired brown tabby with Maine Coon looks, Larrabee vied with Bond for alpha-male status among the Spies. His belly was tawny and almost blond, with pronounced gray tiger stripes, and when we took him to adoption events and he rolled over to play or stretch, he always became the center of attention. Larrabee was one of the more social Spies from the very beginning, and would reliably start to purr when held and stroked for a few seconds. But he also loved to swan dive through the newspapers we were holding, or parade around the floor with a toy mouse in his jaws, growling at his siblings to tell them it was all his.

We were happy to send Larrabee home along with Ninety-Nine to a couple of experienced cat owners with a spacious house and two older cats.

Arrival date: 4/4/2012
Departure date: 6/29/2012