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Litter number: 44
Kitten number: 179
Gender: f
Color: patchy tabby

Nickname: Galore-ia
Siblings: Larrabee, Ninety_Nine, April_Dancer, Bond, Ilya, Smiley

our alpha female Spy, who looked a lot like her mom Mata Hari. From the start, Galore was able to keep pace with her bigger brothers. She had a nice combination of people-friendliness, playfulness, and independence. After the first four Spies and Mata Hari went home, Galore's social nature blossomed and she spent more time greeting her peeps, both in the villa and the back room. When we had a trio of Spies left, Galore and Ilya became regular wrestling partners, with an occasional cameo by April Dancer. We transferred all three to another HT foster home when we left for vacation, and all three were spayed/neutered. April Dancer went home soon after, but for some reason Galore and Ilya had yet to find their forever home(s) a month after they were spayed.

Arrival date: 4/4/2012
Departure date: 7/17/2012