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Litter number: 5
Kitten number: 18
Gender: f
Color: gray tabby

Siblings: Randy

Jerri and her brother Randy were found alone in a drain-pipe near a Walmart when they were under 3 weeks old and had just learned to walk. They came to 50K as bottle babies, along with Berry, who was even younger and less ambulatory. Like Randy, Jerri was a good eater and very cute – our first true gray tabby. But she was also a quick learner and quite athletic like Randy. Though a skinny little thing, Jerri was a full-on play machine.

Jerri gave us our first real scare as foster parents, when we found her limp and unresponsive one Saturday morning. She was awake and breathing, but had no muscle tone and couldn't walk – suffering from what we now call "crashing syndrome", which can be triggered by dehydration and low blood sugar. Luckily, we were able to revive her by feeding her Pedialyte by syringe. When she started moving her head a little, we fed her more Pedialyte. She bounced back within hours, and was back to normal the next day. (We subsequently learned that a few drops of Karo syrup on the tongue work even better at reviving crashed kittens.)

Jerri's looks, personality and athleticism made her a real catch, and she was adopted quickly.

Arrival date: 8/21/2006
Departure date: 10/9/2007