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Litter number: 44
Kitten number: 181
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby

Siblings: Larrabee, Ninety_Nine, April_Dancer, Galore, Bond, Smiley

a classic male orange tabby, who we could distinguish from Smiley only by weighing them both. Ilya was always a few tenths of an ounce bigger. Since all three orange Spies were active and friendly, we never really worried about whether we were playing with or watching Ilya or Smiley (except at vaccination or medication times, when we made sure they each got a dose).

After the first four Spies (including Smiley) and Mata Hari went home, we were left with April Dancer, Ilya, and Galore, so we got to know lIya well in the 1-2 weeks before we left for vacation. He blossomed into an athletic, purring peep-cat who loved to race around the back room, chase flies, and wrestle with his remaining siblings. When we left town in mid-July, we turned him over to another HT foster. He was neutered and then paired with Galore after AD was adopted. A month later, Ilya and Galore were still waiting to find their forever home(s), which we found puzzling, since they were such great kittens.

Arrival date: 4/4/2012
Departure date: 7/17/2012