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Litter number: 46
Kitten number: 188
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: Bolt, Spitz, Rhodee

the smallest of Athena's Olympian kittens, Flojo was a cute patchy tabby like her mom. Despite her size, she was usually quicker than her siblings to explore new territory when we let the Olympians outside the villa. While not much of a peep-cat to begin with, Flojo became much more people-oriented after her mom and brothers were adopted. During her last few weeks with us, she unfailingly purred when picked up and liked to climb on us when we visited the villa. Flojo was adopted by a young couple who had both grown up with dogs but recently become enamored of cats.

Arrival date: 7/28/2012
Departure date: 9/30/2012