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Litter number: 47
Kitten number: 192
Gender: m
Color: gray tabby

Nickname: the Dunkelator
Siblings: Stella, Blue_Moon, Fritz, Hops

a classic-looking gray tabby with slightly shorter hair than that of his fluffball sister Stella. Dunkel was the ambassador of the Brewmeisters, greeting us when we entered the villa bearing meals by standing near (or on top of) our feet and squawking until we picked him up. If we chose to empty the litterboxes instead, Dunkel would follow us around until we satisfied his demands, even if it meant getting a late start on breakfast or dinner. Dunkel was also the first Brewmeister to climb onto our legs and laps when we lounged on the villa futon. His winning personality made Dunkel a big hit at the only adoption event the Brew Crew attended. Two weeks later he went home with a couple he met at the event, accompanied by his sister Blue Moon.

Arrival date: 10/13/2012
Departure date: 11/25/2012