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Litter number: 47
Kitten number: 193
Gender: f
Color: gray

Siblings: Stella, Dunkel, Fritz, Hops

a gorgeous Russian Blue kitten, who we could tell apart from lookalike brother Fritz only by picking them up and comparing their weights. One of the Brewmeisters had a sporadic issue with vomiting, and we suspected (though never confirmed) that it was Blue Moon, because she gained weight more slowly and sporadically than her siblings. But after a minor virus swept through the villa, she bounced back strong, and by the time she went home with Dunkel, Blue Moon had met the weight goal we set for her. Blue Moon was a laid back, good natured kitten… not as in-your-face as Dunkel, as independent as Stella, or as rough-and-tumble as Fritz and Hops, but a friendly girl who was happy to hang out with both siblings and peeps. Blue Moon was adopted by a young couple, along with Dunkel.

Arrival date: 10/13/2012
Departure date: 11/25/2012