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Litter number: 47
Kitten number: 194
Gender: m
Color: gray

Siblings: Stella, Dunkel, Blue_Moon, Hops

our biggest (and tubbiest) Brewmeister for most of his tenure at 50K, though he was eventually caught and passed by Hops. Fritz was a good-natured and mellow kitten who loved to eat and didn't mind being held by his peeps -- for as long as they wanted, in any position. Fritz met his forever mom at an adoption event, where he was the last of the Brewmeister kittens to be chosen… but he turned out to be the first to actually go home. His new mom adopted a slightly older female kitten as his new sister, and he made it home in time for the start of Thanksgiving weekend. His mom told us she planned to keep his name.

Arrival date: 10/13/2012
Departure date: 11/20/2012