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Litter number: 47
Kitten number: 195
Gender: m
Color: buff

Nickname: Hopster
Siblings: Stella, Dunkel, Blue_Moon, Fritz

a great-looking buff boy who was the closest thing the Brewmeisters had to a "teflon kitten". Hops had such a steady growth path that he eventually surpassed Fritz and went home as our biggest Brew. While his siblings battled a minor virus that had them losing weight for a few days, Hops merely stalled out or grew more slowly. During his last two weeks at 50K, Hops began to rival Dunkel as a candidate for the most people-oriented Brewmeister. He enjoyed lounging on the futon with us, and (like Fritz) was happy to be held on his back, side, or in any other position. When it was time to play, Hops loved to swat the villa's hanging string-ball or wrestle with his mom Chimay's twitching tail. He went home along with Stella.

Arrival date: 10/13/2012
Departure date: 11/25/2012