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Litter number: 48
Kitten number: 196
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby

Nickname: Cricketeer
Siblings: Bunnyfoot, Clover, Shamrock, Kachina, Penny

originally the smallest of the Lucky 13ers, Cricket caught up to Penny and Bunnyfoot, and then pulled even with lookalike sister Clover. At first we had trouble telling Cricket apart from Shamrock (same brown tabby coloring, but male and larger) and Clover (same size, but slightly lighter fur) but after a week or two we could distinguish the three tabbies.

Cricket was an independent, rough-and-tumble tomboy who like to race around the villa. She also spent more time playing with the dangling string-ball than her seven siblings and step-brothers combined. Whenever we put the ball in play, she loved to leap and swat and snare it in her claws.

We were a little worried that Cricket's unremarkable appearance (she was a great-looking but very traditional brown tabby) might hurt her chances for finding a home – and she was one of the last two 13ers to be adopted – but it only took an extra week, and she went home with a great young couple and her sister Kachina. Her new mom decided to keep Cricket's name.

Arrival date: 1/1/2013
Departure date: 1/27/2013