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Litter number: 48
Kitten number: 198
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: Cricket, Bunnyfoot, Shamrock, Kachina, Penny

one of three short-haired brown tabbies in the Lucky 13ers litter, Clover was hard for us to tell apart from Cricket and Shamrock during her first few days at 50K. But within a week we learned that her coloring was slightly lighter than Cricket's and Shamrock's. Clover was always ready to jump into whatever game her siblings wanted to play – trackball, dangling stringball, or just chasing each other around the villa.

Like most of the 13ers, Clover had some ups and downs on the weight-gain front during her stay at 50K, which we attributed to having to share the villa with five siblings, two singleton kittens, and mom-cat Angel. That capacity crowd led to recurrent sneezing, overzealous feeding sessions, and sloppy poop. But by the time she went home (with sister Bunnyfoot), Clover was in solid shape and ready to take charge of new turf.

Arrival date: 1/1/2013
Departure date: 1/18/2013