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Litter number: 48
Kitten number: 199
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: Cricket, Bunnyfoot, Clover, Kachina, Penny

the only boy in the Lucky 13 litter, which helped us distinguish him from his other two look-alike tabby siblings, Cricket and Clover. Unlike his sisters, Shamrock squealed like a stuck pig whenever we picked him up and tried to deposit him in the tupperware bin to weigh him. He always stopped as soon as we put him down again.

Along with his siblings, Shamrock loved to chase balls and race up and down the cat tree. When a potential adopter came to visit, he settled right down in her lap, winning hm a ticket home. He was adopted along with Penny and renamed Lucky. His new mom reported that he was a mama’s boy who really liked to snuggle.

Arrival date: 1/1/2013
Departure date: 1/19/2013