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Litter number: 48
Kitten number: 200
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Siblings: Cricket, Bunnyfoot, Clover, Shamrock, Penny

the larger of the two tortie girls in the Lucky 13ers litter, Kachina had an instantly recognizable vertical orange stripe on her forehead. She was initially more of a cat's cat than a people cat, which is one reason her tortie sister Penny was adopted first. Penny wasn't shy about wandering into the laps of visiting strangers and mewing to get their attention. By contrast, Kachina could usually be found lounging in the upper pods of the cat tree, or chasing one of her siblings around the villa.

But after Clover and Bunnyfoot went home, followed by Penny and Shamrock, Kachina started channeling Penny by spending more time on the futon with her peeps. She continued to enjoy the feline fun and games, but let her social side shine through a bit more. A week after her step brothers Jayden and Ollie were adopted, Kachina went home along with her sister Cricket, bringing the Lucky 13ers era to a happy conclusion.

Arrival date: 1/1/2013
Departure date: 1/27/2013