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Litter number: 50
Kitten number: 209
Gender: m
Color: gray tabby + white

Siblings: Balboa, Ernest

Thor was the biggest and strongest of Queen Isabella's three Sea Quester boys. They arrived at 50K as 10-day-olds with a healthy but sneezy mom, and went through a sneezy stage themselves. We jokingly called them the Sea Nesters once they got big enough to leave the nest, since into their third week we still hadn't seen them exploring beyond it.

But lysine gel turned the tide, and as Thor and his bros felt better they got more adventurous and active. Thor led the weaning charge, and was starting to test his climbing legs when disaster struck.

A day after he'd seemed completely normal, we found him cold, limp, and barely alive at breakfast time. We warmed him up and gave him fluids and Karo syrup, but it wasn't the treatable hypoglycemic shock we'd hoped for, and it became clear that Thor's belly was full of fluid and he was suffering. Visits to two vets resulted in a diagnosis of FIP, which is always fatal. He was put to sleep before noon on that sad morning.

Arrival date: 2/28/2013
Departure date: 3/28/2013