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Litter number: 6
Kitten number: 21
Gender: m
Color: buff + white

Nickname: Riff-raff
Siblings: Taz, Tony, Vinny

Named after the gang leader in West Side Story, Riff was the leader of the Feral Brothers' pack. He was by far the hissiest of the four, but he also was the most affectionate, once you picked him up and started to pet him. He was happy to lay on your chest for an hour to be petted, but he sure acted like the tough guy otherwise.

Riff was adopted by a couple of guys who renamed him Bud, which we also thought was a pretty good name. I'm sure once he got away from his feral brothers and got attached to his peeps that he dropped the hissiness and turned into the charmer that we knew was lurking under the tough facade.

Arrival date: 5/8/2007
Departure date: 5/21/2007