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Litter number: 50
Kitten number: 210
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Siblings: Balboa, Thor

a tuxedo who revealed his almost-black tabby stripes when lying in the sun, Ernest was the first of Queen Isabella's Sea Questers to develop a taste for both canned and dry food. While Thor was bigger and stronger until he succumbed to FIP, Ernest inherited that ranking after Thor's demise. That didn't make him adventurous however, and Ernest remained a little shy during his entire stay at 50K. The best way to lure him into the open was to deliver a warm bowl of breakfast or dinner, which he enjoyed nibbling alongside his mom.

When Balboa took an instant liking to the dangling tether-ball, Ernest gradually got interested in it as well. He never matched Balboa's ball skills, but we were happy to see his playful side start to emerge as he got bigger and stronger. Getting adopted along with Balboa by a woman with a spacious condo and easygoing older pets was a great outcome for Ernest, since we think the confidence of his feline and canine pals will rub off on him.

Arrival date: 2/28/2013
Departure date: 4/27/2013