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Litter number: 52
Kitten number: 215
Gender: m
Color: buff

Siblings: Lina

a medium-haired buff kitten with faint tabby stripes on his tail and overall movie-star looks. Arthur was paired with an unrelated sister (Lina) and mom (Tatyana, who had recently raised her own set of kittens.) Arthur and Lina were both s-l-o-w growers, who seemed to take 1.5 steps back for every two steps forward, so we sometimes wondered if they'd ever reach our 2.5-lb adoption weight target. But both kittens surged toward the finish line during their last two weeks with us.

Arthur was a well-adjusted, medium energy fluffball, who liked to ramble around, swat Tatyana's tail, and chase his sister around the cat tree. He went home along with Lina to a very patient young couple who waited until both of the Blinis kittens had met all of their weight, vaccination, and virus-screening goals. We're sure it was worth the wait.

Arrival date: 5/27/2013
Departure date: 7/13/2013