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Litter number: 52
Kitten number: 216
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Siblings: Arthur

a classic tortie girl who was paired with an unrelated buff furball brother named Arthur and a surrogate mom named Tatyana. Lina and Arthur never managed to get much milk from Tatyana, but they enjoyed sharing the villa with her. Taty would let the kids swat her tail a few times before grabbing them in a hammer-lock and pinning them to the floor.

Lina especially liked to climb to the top of the futon back-rest whenever her peeps were sitting on it, so she could patrol along our shoulders and play with any stray hair. She was a bit more of a peep-cat than Arthur, and also led the charge whenever we presented the dangling string ball. Lina was an excellent ball swatter. Arthur's specialty was hassling Tatyana and chasing Lina up and around the cat tree.

The Blinis were adopted together by a young couple who knew they'd found the right kittens as soon as they saw Arthur and Lina listed on Petfinder – because they'd already decided they wanted to adopt a male and female and name them Archer and Lana. So they did!

Arrival date: 5/27/2013
Departure date: 7/13/2013