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Litter number: 6
Kitten number: 22
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby + white

Nickname: Tazman, Tazmaniac
Siblings: Riff, Tony, Vinny

Taz! One of our favorites, and one of our most photo-cooperative kittens, since he was always willing to pose for us. As an orange-white tabby, Taz stood out from the rest of the Feral Brother Gang. Like his brothers, Taz was reticent with us at first, but soon grew to enjoy being picked up and stroked.

But one day, without displaying any other symptoms, Taz stopped eating. We watched with dismay as he walked away from every meal we offered, even as his brothers ate normally. We fed him by syringe for almost a week, but it wasn't enough to prevent weight loss and lethargy.

When we took him to the vet after several down days, we had to drop him off, since we couldn't get an appointment. Apparently they offered him Friskies Mixed Grill while he waited to see the doc, and he chowed it all down!

The vet diagnosed a URI and prescribed Clavamox, and we bought all the Friskies Mixed Grill we could find. The Clavamox took care of Taz's asymptomatic URI, and he kept eating Mixed Grill and got strong again.

When we took him back to the shelter, he was adopted right away – along with an unrelated female kitten named Jazz!

Arrival date: 5/8/2007
Departure date: 5/21/2007