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Litter number: 53
Kitten number: 220
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: Boxer, Daphne, Hailey

a classic brown tabby with white fur on her paws and chest that made her easy to distinguish from her tabby sisters, Callie was, paradoxically, the weakest bottle-feeder and the most adventurous real-food eater after the Eves were weaned. She got our attention early on when she didn't take the bottle very well and started to fall behind her sisters on the weight front. But our concerns were short-lived, and Callie soon caught up on the growth and activity fronts. When the other Eves became dry-food-only types, Callie continued to samply both canned food and kibble.

We usually find that one kitten in a litter is a born stringball player, and Callie was it for the Eves. On the occasions when we brought the ball in play, Callie would generally dominate the game. She was also a natural climber, and we often found her atop the cat tree, lounging alongside her big sister Hailey. Callie and Hailey went home together to a family in Arlington with three children.

Arrival date: 8/17/2013
Departure date: 10/13/2013