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Litter number: 54
Kitten number: 221
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby + white

Siblings: Dean, Neville

Seamus was the brother to Neville and Dean who was the last to be adopted. Although the biggest brother when we got him, he had a difficult time with illness, including one day when I carried him around for a couple of hours because we were so certain that he was about to die.

Once he recovered, he earned the nickname “Pigpen” from his habit of pushing his face through a bowl of food like a bulldozer and never managing to clean up. We were constantly scrubbing his face, but he always seemed to have a dirty ring around his muzzle. We were afraid that his eventual adopters would have to wipe his face for the rest of his life!

With all the attention he got from being sick, he was very social and fought with Pumpkin to be in our laps. He and “sister” Raemy won over a couple at an adoption event and went home the same day. New name: Toby.

Arrival date: 9/27/2013
Departure date: 1/4/2014