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Litter number: 54
Kitten number: 222
Gender: m
Color: gray + white

Siblings: Seamus, Neville

a striking gray tabby with a white chest and paws, Dean was easily the smallest of the Breaking Bad Boys when he arrived at 50K. But unlike Seamus (who almost died) and Neville (who stalled out a few times), Dean never seemed to take a step backwards during his time with us. His dedicated eating habits and resistance to the bugs his brothers fought helped him overtake both of them and become the biggest and strongest of the BB Boys.

Dean was also the shyest of the BB Boys, and the most difficult to capture on the playground when it was time to put the boys back in the bunkhouse. Over a period of weeks he gradually learned to trust his peeps, and like his brothers, Dean loved to walk on top of us while we napped, or curl up against our necks and purr.

Dean went home with Neville to a family in DC with two young children.

Arrival date: 9/27/2013
Departure date: 11/16/2013