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Litter number: 54
Kitten number: 223
Gender: m
Color: buff tabby + white

Siblings: Seamus, Dean

a vocal buff tabby who was the frontman of the Breaking Bad trio. While Neville began his stay at 50K by hissing and hiding in the bunkhouse, within a week he would stand his ground and squawk for his supper.

Initially the middle kitten size-wise, Neville became the alpha when Seamus got sick, but was soon passed by teflon brother Dean, who ultimately became the biggest and strongest of the BB Boys. Neville remained the ambassador, however, developing into a face nuzzler who loved to explore the playground and hang out with his napping peeps.

Neville and Dean went home together, to a family with a son and daughter in grade school.

Arrival date: 9/27/2013
Departure date: 11/16/2013