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Litter number: 55
Kitten number: 228
Gender: f
Color: black

Siblings: Archie, Brandenburg

an all-black kitten, Pearly was the only girl in the Gates kitten trio. Like her brothers, Pearly was a hissy hider when she arrived at 50K. But unlike Archie and Brandenburg, she was still elusive and a little scared when we took her to her first adoption event.

Luckily, her future parents attended the event as well and realized that Pearly would inevitably relax and grow confident after going home with them. Especially because they also adopted her unrelated pal Rafa, a relaxed and friendly guy who always seemed to be within arm's reach whenever we visited the villa.

Black kittens can have a tough time finding homes, so we were very gratified that this couple (who were experienced kitten fosterers themselves) recognized and took home the kitten who needed them the most.

Arrival date: 1/11/2014
Departure date: 2/2/2014