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Litter number: 55
Kitten number: 229
Gender: m
Color: black

Siblings: Archie, Pearly

Named after the Berlin gate, Brandenburg was a sleek and glossy black beauty. He and his black sister Pearly were the shy ones in their litter, but Brandenburg was happy to be held and petted if you could catch him. He was the only kitten not to be adopted at a very successful event, but we knew that even though he was black that his mellow ways would find him a home. After his siblings went home, we moved Brandenburg up to the playground, where he spent a week lounging in sunspots and sleeping with us at night. In the middle of the night, he loved to curl up against our necks and purr. He ended up being a big bro to a tiny little kitty named Princess Meow-y. His name was changed to Gerrard De-paw-dew, and his new family loved him very much.

Arrival date: 1/11/2014
Departure date: 2/15/2014