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Litter number: 56
Kitten number: 230
Gender: m
Color: white + gray

Siblings: Rafa, Li, Nika

a striking white kitten with gray highlights, Stan was the alpha male in the Aussies litter. On arrival at the 50K villa (which the Aussies shared with the Gates litter), Stan was elusive for about a day. Then a switch flipped and he became a highly affectionate peep cat. When we sat down on the futon and Li crawled onto one of our laps, Stan would crawl onto the same lap, making sure he positioned himself closer to his peep's face than his sister was. Conceding her spot, Li would shift to the unoccupied lap while Stan face-nuzzled his peep. Ted had facial hair during Stan's time at 50K, which Stan especially liked to rub his muzzle against. While Archie and Nika raced up and down the cat tree, wrestled, and tail-swatted each other, Stan and Li would be content to hang out in our laps, watching and purring.

Stan went home with Nika to a couple with a one-year-daughter. Some kittens get spooked by toddlers, but we thought Stan was a great fit. And he knew he'd be able to keep active Nika entertained as well.

Arrival date: 1/25/2014
Departure date: 2/9/2014