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Litter number: 56
Kitten number: 232
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Siblings: Stan, Rafa, Nika

the smaller (but not small) of two tortie sisters in the Aussies litter, Li was named after the 2014 Australian Open tennis champion Li Na. Just as her namesake charmed the sports journalists, our Li quickly emerged as the ambassador of her litter. Whenever we entered the villa and sat down, Li was the first kitten to climb onto our laps. At the morning weigh-ins, while I stood at the dresser and wrote in the kitten log book, Li would lean toward me from the lowest pod in the cat tree and purr into my ear.

When we took the Aussies and Gates litters to the Kitten Bowl on Super Sunday, we knew she'd show well. And sure enough Li was the first kitten spoken for. We convinced the woman who wanted (and later adopted) her to consider pairing Archie with her, and she agreed. We knew Archie would initiate the play sessions and Li would decide when it was lap time. They went home together the following weekend.

Arrival date: 1/25/2014
Departure date: 2/8/2014