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Litter number: 56
Kitten number: 233
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Siblings: Stan, Rafa, Li

easily the biggest kitten in the Aussies litter, Nika was also the most active and the shyest – at least for the first week of her stay at 50K. While I never had to crawl under the futon to snare her for the morning weigh-in (as I did with Pearly), I did have to stalk her around the room once in a while. But Nika (named after the runner-up in the Australian Open) couldn't resist the Cat Dancer, so when I brought it out she always felt compelled to follow Archie's lead and come out to play.

During Nika's last week at 50K, she became noticeably less cautious and more outgoing. Instead of chasing her around the villa, I could now reach out and pick her up. After she'd had her fill of running around with Archie, she took to joining Stan and Li on the futon for some quality time with her peeps. Since she went home with true lap-cat Stan, we think Nika's affectionate side will continue to develop.

Arrival date: 1/25/2014
Departure date: 2/9/2014