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Litter number: 57
Kitten number: 234
Gender: f
Color: gray + white

Siblings: Dallas, Sandra, Hustle

a petite gray and white female who was easily the smallest of four bottle babies we named the Oscars, because they arrived on the last day of February, during the Academy Awards weekend. Lupita weighed under 5oz at her first weigh-in, but she drank well from the bottle and graduated to babycat kibble as quickly as her bigger sibs. Lupita also liked wet food, but she had a hard time keeping it off her face; most of her early photos show her food-stained cheeks and nose. Lupita also needed her share of butt washes while she was getting weaned, but as she got bigger she cleaned up her act.

Like all of the Oscars, Lupita was very comfortable being handled by her peeps, since we were the only parents she knew, almost from the time she opened her eyes. She went home with her tuxie brother Hustle to a family with a 5-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl.

Arrival date: 2/28/2014
Departure date: 5/11/2014