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Litter number: 57
Kitten number: 237
Gender: m
Color: tuxedo

Siblings: Lupita, Dallas, Sandra

one of two males and the only formally-dressed member of the Oscars litter. Hustle was smaller than both Dallas and Sandra when the Oscars arrived as bottle babies, but he was a diligent eater and the first of his siblings to sample our wet food offerings. Weaning was a slow process for the Oscars, and for Hustle the shift to meaty food meant some GI issues that we addressed with both meds and pumpkin additives. That regimen, along with a few butt-washes in the sink, allowed him to clean up his act.

When the Oscars were entering the romping and wrestling stage (at about 6 weeks), we walked into the villa at dinner time and found Hustle pinned between a table leg and the wall, squawking in distress and holding his right front leg in the air. When we freed him he wouldn't use his leg. A quick exam showed his elbow was knotted and swollen. Concerned about a potential fracture, we took him to the vet the next day, but x-rays proved inconclusive. The prescription was hot and cold compresses and a course of antibiotics, which left us scratching our heads. We needn't have worried, because he started gingerly testing his leg again within two days, and was back to normal in a week.

We'd assumed that his injury might make potential adopters cautious, but the first family that visited the Oscars decided they wanted Hustle along with Lupita – our two underkittens. That turned out to be a great choice.

Arrival date: 2/28/2014
Departure date: 5/11/2014