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Litter number: 6
Kitten number: 24
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby + white

Siblings: Riff, Taz, Tony

Vinny was a member of the Feral Brothers Gang. Like gang-leader Riff, he would usually hiss when we tried to pick him up, but then quickly start purring once we held and petted him. Like Tony, Vinny was a brown tabby, but Vinny had a pink nose. Because he wasn't the leader (Riff), or the strongest (Tony), or the most dramatic (Taz), Vinny was easy to overlook. But he was very loyal to his brothers and a good citizen. Like his brothers, he was able to shed his feral tendencies and was adopted within a few days of his return to the shelter. We heard later that he loved to sleep on his adopter's pillow at night – again, a softy lurking under that tough exterior!

Arrival date: 5/8/2007
Departure date: 5/21/2007