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Litter number: 58
Kitten number: 240
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Siblings: Caspian, Hudson

a gorgeous tortie and the only female in the Drifters litter, Hannay looked like she should be the daughter of her surrogate mom-cat Polly, another slender tortoiseshell. And of the three Drifters, Hannay seemed to get the most attention from Polly, who regularly wrapped her up in her front paws and pinned her to the floor while grooming her

Like her brothers, Hannay would gravitate toward her peeps when we entered the villa, but she was usually more interested in playing with a shoe or balancing on a crossed leg than on being held and stroked. Hannay was the most independent and play-oriented of the Drifters. When we introduced the dangling stringball (toward the end of their stay at 50K), Hannay went all in, swatting the ball ambidextrously while going completely airborne.

Hannay and the Drifters never had a health setback during their 50K tenure, maybe because Polly took such good care of them. They were weaned on arrival, and almost flawless in their use of the litter box. Hannay was bigger than Caspian to start with, but the little buff puffball was an eating machine and easily surpassed her within a few weeks. We were thrilled to send Hannay home with Hudson, to a nice young couple who had already decided they wanted to adopt a black kitten and a tortie. They renamed her Hazel. She was one lucky kitten!

Arrival date: 5/11/2014
Departure date: 6/26/2014