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Litter number: 59
Kitten number: 241
Gender: m
Color: gray tabby + white

Siblings: Beasley, Dempsey

one of three "brothers" we called the Knockouts (because they hit 50K as the Knockout round of the World Cup was beginning), Jurgen was a white-chested brown tabby who wasn't related to actual brothers Beasley and Dempsey. All three Knockouts were sneezy, drippy, and congested when they arrived, so we started them on Clavamox and endless syringes of Viralys right away. Their URIs slowly diminished.

At first Jurgen would camp out on the cat tree, or on our laps, while his brothers played, so we thought he was just a mellower, peep-oriented kitten. But we realized a month later, after Beasley had gone home and left Jurgen paired with Dempsey, that Jurgen had just felt really crummy during his first two weeks at 50K. When he was back to full strength, he became a fine rasslin' and rompin' partner for Dempsey, the biggest and strongest Knockout. They were adopted together by a nice family while we vacationed in Tanzania.

Arrival date: 6/26/2014
Departure date: 8/5/2014