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Litter number: 59
Kitten number: 242
Gender: m
Color: gray

Siblings: Jurgen, Dempsey

one of two nearly identical gray brothers that together with unrelated "bro" Jurgen formed the Knockouts litter. Beasley was smaller and weepier than his twin Dempsey, but he was also a little more people-oriented, which gave him the edge when potential adopters came calling. While Jurgen strolled the periphery and Dempsey played stringball, Beasley camped out on the futon with our visitors, which helped him seal the deal, despite his lingering URI symptoms.

The couple that chose him also hung in there for a couple weeks while we suspected that the Knockouts had developed ringworm, because all three lost fur on their ears. We put the Knockouts on anti-fungal meds, and when neither a Woods Lamp nor a culture showed evidence of ringworm, we began to suspect the fur loss was attributable to scratching. And we discovered that the bros all had nasty cases of ear mites, which we began treating daily.

We kept expecting Beasley's adopters to reconsider, but they hung in there until he was ready to go home and join an adult female cat named Belle. They got a great kitten and Beasley (renamed Archer) got a great family.

Arrival date: 6/26/2014
Departure date: 7/19/2014