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Litter number: 59
Kitten number: 243
Gender: m
Color: gray

Siblings: Jurgen, Beasley

the bigger and more rambunctious of two solid gray kittens, who when paired with an unrelated brown tabby became the Knockouts, named after the US World Cup team. Like Beasley and Jurgen, Dempsey was sneezy and sniffly when he arrived at 50K. All three Knockouts felt enervated, and Dempsey cuddled with his doppelganger Beasley.

After copious doses of lysine began to tame their URIs, we noticed that Dempsey was losing fur on his ears. Within days the other Knockouts were on the same path. We suspected ringworm, but found no concrete evidence for it, even as we treated the kittens with anti-fungal meds. As we grew skeptical about the ringworm, we started to notice how often they scratched their ears. Closer examination showed that all three Knockouts had the worst cases of ear mites wed ever seen. We got to work with Q-Tips and olive oil daily, and their ears slowly improved.

By the time we left for vacation in Tanzania, Beasley had gone home and Dempsey and Jurgen were back to full speed, racing and leaping around the villa. Dempsey especially like to carry a little gray mousie around in his jaws, displaying his hunting prowess. I dropped them off at another HT foster, and by the time we returned they'd been adopted together by a nice family.

Arrival date: 6/26/2014
Departure date: 8/5/2014