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Litter number: 60
Kitten number: 245
Gender: f
Color: dilute calico

Siblings: Ariel, Hope, Ursula

one of two lookalike dilute calicos from the Angels litter. Within a day or two we noticed that Farrah had two buff-colored ears and Hope only had one, which helped us identify her. Farrah vied with Ursula for the title of friendliest Angel, and was usually the first to face-nuzzle a futon-sitting peep. She also had a purr-motor we could hear across the room.

When a family with an eight-year-old boy and six-year-old girl visited the villa, the kids sat on the floor and Farrah spent half the visit in the girl's lap while Hope demonstrated the full range of villa activities. Since Ariel and Cassady had already gone home, we knew the family would choose Ursula and one calico, and Farrah's social skills sealed the deal.

The family asked if we could spay the kittens for them, so Farrah and Ursula spent another 10 days or so with us before and after the procedure, while the kids waited anxiously for their new pets. The day finally arrived (after Martha left for Uganda), and the family came to takeFarrah and Ursula home, where they named them Molly and Maggie.

Arrival date: 9/13/2014
Departure date: 11/16/2014