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Litter number: 60
Kitten number: 246
Gender: f
Color: dilute calico

Siblings: Ariel, Farrah, Ursula

along with Farrah, one of two beautiful dilute calicos in the Angels litter. Hope was named affter Hobie and Poe, two tiny kittens we lost to illness during our first years of fostering. While Farrah and Ursula socialized with their peeps, Hope was more likely to be chasing Ariel around the villa, or entertaining herself with a toy. But after a few weeks her peep-cat side began to emerge, and her social skills developed further after Ariel and unrelated villa-mate Cassady went home.

A few days after our three remaining Angels got spayed, Farrah and Ursula went home together and Ted moved Hope upstairs so she could continue her spay recovery while the Potluck litter moved into the villa. Martha was in Uganda during the week Hope spent upstairs, so Hope explored the office and hallway during the day while Ted worked, and then curled up next to him purring during the nights. Hope seemed to think she was home and Ted started to muse about keeping her.

But Hope had already found a home with a woman who had a six-month-old kitten. When Hope's spay incision was fully healed, the woman came to pick her up and Ted said goodbye to one of his all-time favorite fosterlings.

Arrival date: 9/13/2014
Departure date: 11/22/2014