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Litter number: 60
Kitten number: 247
Gender: f
Color: gray tabby

Siblings: Ariel, Farrah, Hope

the biggest and strongest of the Angels litter, and a dead ringer for her smaller sibling Ariel. It took several days for us to notice that Ursula had a slightly more pronounced buff highlight on her forehead. Even knowing that, we sometimes couldn’t tell them apart in photos.

But it was easy to tell them apart by watching their behavior. While Ariel would chase Hope around the villa and demonstrate fully airborne stringball skills, Ursula would plow onto the futon to nose-nuzzle her peeps, purring up a storm the whole time. After standing on our laps and chests for a few minutes, Ursula would let herself be dragged back into the fun and games, which she usually dominated. Ariel, Farrah, Cassady, Hope – Ursula could out-rassle them all, though Farrah sometimes managed a draw.

Ursula broke the five-pound barrier at least a week before her sibs, and was pushing six by the time she was four days post-spay and ready to head home. She was adopted along with Farrah by a nice couple with two young children. We couldn’t have asked for a better landing for these two Angels.

Arrival date: 9/13/2014
Departure date: 11/16/2014