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Litter number: 60
Kitten number: 248
Gender: m
Color: black

Siblings: unknown

a solo black kitten who was found and trapped in Alexandria by the couple who had recently adopted Hudson and Hannay. They e-mailed to ask us for advice, and we offered to see if we could get him into the HT network. When he tested negative for FeLV and FIV, we told the couple he was in, and they suggested we name him Cassady.

We installed him in the bunkhouse, where he hissed and hid behind the toilet for a few days. But he ate well, and within a few days he stopped retreating when we reached for him, and started purring when we picked him up.

We moved him to the villa and introduced him to the older and stronger Angels. He was defensive at first, but the Angels never hissed or growled at him. After a few days he was trying to join the reindeer games, swatting tails and tentatively edging into the stringball activity. It was touching and funny, because even Ariel (the smallest Angel), could easily flip and pin him. But Cassady just kept coming back for more.

Two days before Halloween (a time to be wary of adopters looking for a black kitten), we sent him home with one of Martha's co-workers, who named him Oliver. His housemate adopted Ariel, and the fun and games continued at home. Martha got regular briefings at work, and both kittens were thriving.

Arrival date: 9/23/2014
Departure date: 10/29/2014