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Litter number: 61
Kitten number: 249
Gender: f
Color: gray tabby + white

Siblings: Meatloaf, Chili, Tabouli

a gorgeous, petite, silver tabby, Jello was one of the four Potluck kittens. A little shy at first, within days Jello evolved into a full-on peep-cat. When we entered the villa and sat on the futon, Jello and Chili would race to see who could climb onto our laps first. While Chili played with a button or zipper, Jello would make biscuits (aka knead, milk tread) on our bellies. The bigger the belly, the better. After finishing with her biscuits, Jello would nose-nuzzle us while purring steadily.

We knew her combination of social skills and knockout looks would land her a home quickly. Sure enough, Jello and her true brother Meat Loaf won over the first potential adopters they met, a cat-loving couple whose previous felines had lived with them for almost 20 years. Homeward Trails approved the adoption within an hour, so Jello and Meatloaf went home straight from the event. Their parents named them Bella and Gio, and confirmed that Bella was making biscuits on her new dad within a day or two.

Arrival date: 11/16/2014
Departure date: 12/27/2014