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Litter number: 61
Kitten number: 250
Gender: m
Color: gray tabby + white

Siblings: Jello, Chili, Tabouli

a gray tabby with classic white markings on his paws and chest, Meatloaf was Jello's true brother and one of the four Potluck kittens. Meatloaf was a great mix of peep-cat and play machine. While Jello and Chili monopolized their peeps, Meatloaf would play stringball or wrestle with Tabouli. But after a few minutes he'd hop on the futon, climb to the backrest, and style our hair with both paws, or nibble our ears or neck. At first his play-biting was too hard, but he responded well to gentle scolding and soon learned what level of biting was appropriate. He also developed a steady purr-motor.

At his first adoption event, Meatloaf demonstrated his athleticism by climbing the chicken-wire walls of the spacious kitten enclosure. But he also greeted potential adopters after Jello and Chili had warmed them up. His charms prevailed, and Meatloaf went home with Jello straight from the event. His parents renamed him Gio and sent us several photos of him climbing their Christmas tree on his second day at home!

Arrival date: 11/16/2014
Departure date: 12/27/2014