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Litter number: 63
Kitten number: 258
Gender: f
Color: gray tabby + white and buff

Siblings: Yann

a classic gray tabby with gorgeous tawny hightlights, and one of two newborn kittens who arrived on Pi Day with a brown tabby mom we named Raz. Like Yann, Newton was perfectly healthy during his 10-week stay at 50K, so we never had to give him antibiotics or supplemental feeding. Both Pi “boys” were tentative explorers, spending their first several weeks toddling back and forth in their nest.

But eventually Newton led the charge beyond the nest, and by 5-6 weeks the Pi kittens were racing around the villa and demonstrating impressive climbing skills. Since they had an affectionate mom, neither Newton or Yann were overly people-oriented during their fosterhood, but they weren’t reclusive either. They tolerated weigh-ins and socialization, even when it was clear they’d rather be chasing each other or hassling Raz.

Newton and Yann closed the deal with the first prospective adopter they met, a young woman who followed their progress on the 50K website. A few days before she was scheduled to take them home, we sheepishly informed her that her kittens hadn’t been neutered because the vet clinic had informed us that both were female! Their new mom wasn’t fazed and adopted them on schedule. She gave Newton the name Corbu, after the famous architect Le Corbusier.

Arrival date: 3/14/2015
Departure date: 5/21/2015