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Litter number: 64
Kitten number: 260
Gender: f
Color: dilute tortie

Siblings: Viv, Elle, Otto

at first a diminutive dilute tortie, Hannah was a champion eater who eventually overtook her sister Viv and challenged Elle for the alpha female role. When the Palindromes were newly weaned, Hannah insisted on wading into whatever bowl we deployed and plowing through the canned food face first, like a little feline Zamboni. For weeks we fought a losing battle to clean the food crud from her face and whiskers. Even after we solved that problem by switching to face-sized Pyrex bowls (one per kitten), we could tell it was Hannah eating just by listening to the percussive lip-smacking sounds.

Hannah's noisiness transferred to the purring realm as well. While she acted independent for many weeks, she eventually grew to appreciate her peeps. And when she crawled on top of us and started purring, it was clear Hannah had the Pals' loudest purr motor. Hannah balanced her eating and purring with athletic play, often joining Elle in extended games of stringball that featured plenty of leaps and twists. She was adopted from PetMAC DC along with her brother Otto.

Arrival date: 5/14/2015
Departure date: 8/26/2015