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Litter number: 64
Kitten number: 261
Gender: f
Color: torbie

Siblings: Viv, Hannah, Otto

a distinctive torbie who we often called our super-model kitten, Elle was also the biggest and strongest of the Palindromes, until her only brother Otto finally overcame his health issues and put the pedal to the metal. While Otto watched from the sidelines, Elle would frequently lead her sisters Viv and Hannah in high-energy games of stringball, which featured increasingly complex leaps, twists, and wall rebounds as the Pals got bigger and stronger. Elle enjoyed greeting her peeps when we settled onto the futon, but after a minute or so of socialization and purring she was ready for more play.

Based on her looks (as distinctive as any kitten we've fostered), we expected Elle would be snapped up quickly by an adoring family, but she and her sibs reached their adoption weight during the height of the summer, when kittens were plentiful and adopters were scarce. So the Pals got bigger and more friendly and more gorgeous during their long stay in the 50K villa. While we vacationed in Colorado in the last week of August, Elle was adopted from PetMAC DC along with her sister Viv.

Arrival date: 5/14/2015
Departure date: 8/26/2015