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Litter number: 65
Kitten number: 265
Gender: m
Color: black

Nickname: Gonzo
Siblings: Havana, Buena, Daiquiri

One of four poop-crusted Cubanos who came to 50K along with mom-cat Asia. Diarrhea was pushing all the Cubanos in the wrong direction, but unlike his sibs, Gonzalo had stopped eating on his own. He was enervated and severely underweight, and his ribs felt prominent when we picked him up. We started syringe-feeding him slurry while launching the whole litter on a cocktail of meds.

After a day or two, Gonzalo started nibbling dry food. We stopped the syringe-feeding, and Gonzalo kept eating. Within a week, the meds had tamed everyone’s diarrhea. After two weeks Gonzalo had gained almost a pound and looked like a completely different cat. He started challenging bigger sister Buena in wrestling and climbing exhibitions.

As his diarrhea receded Gonzalo developed a URI, but he managed to avoid the eye discharge and inflammation that plagued Havana and Asia. His worst symptoms were congestion and occasional coughing. By the time we took the Cubanos to an adoption event at PetMAC, even those symptoms had disappeared, and he was just a friendly, playful goofball.

Arrival date: 5/20/2015
Departure date: 6/13/2015