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kit 266 of 281


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Litter number: 65
Kitten number: 266
Gender: f
Color: gray

Siblings: Havana, Buena, Gonzalo

Her three Cubano siblings were solid black, but Daiquiri was a gorgeous all-gray female like her mom Asia. She was also the smallest of the Cubanos, and along with Gonzalo, the most dangerously underweight when she arrived at 50K. Like her sibs and mom, she had diarrhea, but Daiquiri was one of the first to benefit from the cocktail of meds we threw at the Cubanos.

Once her digestive tract improved, Daiquiri gained strength and weight steadily. While she remained the smallest Cubano, she closed the gap with Havana and Gonzalo. And along with Buena, she managed to fend off the URI symptoms that hammered Havana, Gonzalo, and Asia.

With no congestion or weepiness to slow her down, Daiquiri became one of Buena’s frequent sparring partners. Like all the Cubanos, Daiquiri was friendly, but while Havana was happy to snuggle with her peeps, Daiquiri usually preferred to stay in motion.

Arrival date: 5/20/2015
Departure date: 6/13/2015