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Litter number: 66
Kitten number: 267
Gender: m
Color: orange tabby

Siblings: unknown

one of two male kittens who were transferred to 50K after getting sick at their prior foster home. Cheeto was actually nibbling and playful on arrival, but started to follow Felix downhill on day two. We called this twosome the Odd Couple, because orange tabby Cheeto looked unrelated to his tuxie "brother" Felix.

As Felix started to recover, Cheeto stopped eating and became quite lethargic. We syringe-fed him Nutrical and slurry until he stopped losing weight. Because the virus seemed to affect his hind-leg coordination but didn't cause other obvious symptoms, it reminded us of the fever that struck the Gems. His illness neutralized his tendency to run under the futon when we reached for him, and even at his lowest point, Cheeto would purr loudly when held and stroked.After several days of hands-on care, Cheeto started eating on his own again and gained weight steadily. During his last week at 50K, he and Felix were back to full speed. We transferred them to PetMAC so we could take a younger litter.

Arrival date: 9/21/2015
Departure date: 10/2/2015