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Litter number: 8
Kitten number: 27
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Siblings: Kizzie, Lefty, Ry

Keddy was one of three black-and-white brothers in our Kizzie and the Dominos litter. All four Dominos looked remarkably alike, with fur that was predominantly black but accented by white patches on their chest and paws. When we realized that Keddy only had little crescent-like slivers of white on the ends of his paws, we named him after the rubber-tipped sneakers that were ubiquitous when we were kids.

Keddy was good-natured and active, but suffered from URI symptoms that stunted his appetite for a while. We tried to find a brand of canned food that was pungent enough for him to smell despite his congestion, and were encouraged when he began noshing on Friskies Sea Captain's Choice. We still call it "Keddy's Choice".

With the help of Clavamox, Keddy eventually regained his appetite, gained weight, and was able to wrestle and run with the other Dominos.

Ominously, Keddy and his brothers were still prone to occasional sneezing when we took them back to the shelter, even though all three brothers were active and strong.

When we went down to visit them at the shelter after they were neutered, Keddy, Lefty, and Ry were all over 3 lbs and full of energy. The next day, the shelter closed their cat facilities due to an outbreak of calici virus. We were stunned and horrified to hear a few days later that Keddy, Lefty, and Ry had been euthanized at the shelter, along with any other cats displaying any URI symptoms.

Losing the Dominos brothers was the saddest and most painful episode we've had during our fostering experience. We still miss them and think about them, and are consoled by the fact that their sister Kizzie survived (because she was still too small to return to the shelter.)

Arrival date: 7/2/2007
Departure date: 8/6/2007