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Litter number: 67
Kitten number: 270
Gender: f
Color: brown tabby + white

Siblings: Opel, Jade, Ruby, Cole

one of four girls in the Jewels litter, Pearl had the same brown tabby coloring and white paws as her sister Opel, though over time we learned to tell them apart. (Pearl's nose had no white spot and the white "boots" on her rear legs didnít reach her knees.) Like Opel, Pearl enjoyed stirring the pot with her sibs and mom. If she wasn't chasing Cole or wrestling with Jade, Pearl might be face-nuzzling Joyce or playing with her tail.

Pearl and her sibs were stalled for a few days by a virus during their stay in the villa, but they overcame it without needing meds. By the time they graduated (with Pearl, Opel, Ruby, and Joyce transferring to another HT foster home), the Jewels were healthy, approaching 3 lbs, and hitting on all cylinders.

Arrival date: 10/3/2015
Departure date: 11/1/2015